The whole thing didn’t save her after-all. So painful Mira is out of BBA when she almost became my favorite.. LOL

Their normal excuse, Luis got into Mira under the influence of alcohol.. Oh or they had the intention to get the real thing done before they leaving? ( huh? just asking *NVM*)


Two nights ago, just after the energetic party where Nigeria’s own DJ exclusive rocked the wheels. Big Brother’s party and alcohol has a way of bringing out the ‘madness and wildness’ in housemates.

Just after the party we witnessed some intimate kis*ses between Mira and Nhlanhla. And funny enough this was done right in front of Sheila who seemed dumbstruck and didn’t take it well even though she pretended to be okay with it.

As the night went on, Mira and Luis got it on. As both of them slipped under the duvet, they obviously had another intention in mind than sleeping. It started with kis*ses and smo*oches, there was a break as Mira got up to hug Trazegah who walked by. Then she went back in and the real action started.

As Big Brother camera zoomed in on them, the covers could be seen moving ferociously. Luis could also be heard moaning. It looked like Mira got on top of him.This went on for some minutes. Even as Goitse walked in and stood right in front of them, they could care less as they got their groove on. Looked like there was a second round with Luis giving it to her from the side. Interestingly, as this was going on, Nhlanhla was downstairs narrating his encounter with Mira to Alusa, Idris, Trezagah, Frankie, JJ, Sabina, Laveda, Lilian and Samantha.He told them everything from the kis*s and how Sheila felt about it. Crazy Wild night it was. Download the video below;