Marina resort is one of the coolest spots in the city of Calabar Cross River state. It was commissioned on the 26th of May 2007 by the then governor of the state Donald Duke.it was the major route to the old Calabar and the wart market. It was formally known as a slave resort where slaves where ship out of the country. Currently, the Resort is a preserved historical site and recreation centre. There is a hotel, slave history museum, restaurant, Speed boats for pleasure riding, night club, a carousel for the children and extraordinary views of the Calabar River.
History of slave trade Museum
Slave trade started in 1441, in Nigeria, it started in Lagos and Benin States and lastly in Cross River state. This took place across the Atlantic Ocean from 16th-19th century. These slaves underwent the “middle passage” for 9 months. They were transported to the new world north and South America. The first slaves to be imported were called “indentured servants”. They became their owner’s property when they were auctioned and bought. These slaves were procured with manila currencies, imported beads, copper rods, wooden mirrors and sweet wine with the local chiefs for people. Esuk Mba mardet was a place where they sold slaves located in Akpanbuyo local government area. They operate on trade by barter till today, facilities of slave trade include: Chief Seriki Williams Abass, Julien Zulueta of Havana, Captain Hugh crow of Liverpool, John Hawkins.
The items used in capturing the slaves were net, skin covered with oracle ring. Their abolitionist include; Granville sharp (1772), Thomas Clarkson, William of movement to abolish slave trade were William Wilberforce, Granville sharp, Thomas Clarkson, Lord Manifield, Olaudah Equino and Francols Dominique.
Mode of operation and major activities
 Speed boat ride
 Museum
 Night club
 Refreshment bar
 The cinema film hall
 Makurdi will serve as a tourist attraction centre.
 Revenue will be generated for the city.
 It will make Makurdi become more popular.
 More attention will be given to the river hence agents constituting water pollution will be checked.

 Due to the climatic condition, tourists may find Makurdi a little too hot for their comfort.
 Lack of famous history connecting the river Benue may discourage this venture.
Hydrobiology of Marina Resort
Agricultural activities, transportation, fishing and generation of electric power take place in the Island water. Also the Island water inhabits aquatic lives both plants and animal which carry out their activities in the water body.
 Research centre
 Employment opportunity
 Generation of income
 Lack of machineries
 Insufficient trained staff or experts
 It was understood that, Ukwu was the earliest alloy discovered in Nigeria at Igbo ukwu
 Also learnt that, the lower Niger was found in the centre of the Ife and Owo.
 Understood the commercial and the agricultural importance of the Atlantic Ocean and the evil of slave trade were learnt