So Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are going separate ways?

It is sad but understandable, after all, celebrity marriages hardy last more than a second these days.

What still baffles Me is the fact that infidelity is the case: if it is true that Wiz cheated on Amber, then something must be wrong somewhere.

Just look at that woman’s body and tell me if its not more than any man would want.

While some women have b***s others have booty and some manage to have a fine face or a nice voice— most have two of these qualities.

Amber is different because she has it all, b***s, booty, face, poise, swag…

So, its either she was not letting him have some or Wiz is mad. Yes, mad!

With a body like that, why would a man need to cheat!?

Now, he’s losing all that goody-goody.