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1.?Look Younger

2.?Relieves Stress

3.?Lowers Blood Pressure

4.?Boosts immunity

5.?Provides Exercise

6.?Burns Calories

7.?Improves Cardiovascular Health

8.?Boost Self-Esteem

9.?Strengthens Your Well-Being

10.?Improves Intimacy

11.?Reduces Paln 12.?Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk

13.?Boosts Your Libido

14.?Improves Women”s Bladder

15.?Strengthen your bones

16.?Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles

17.?Helps You Sleep Better

18.?Fight colds and flu

19.?Improve your self-esteem

20.?Cure that headache (yes,

21.?Watch your weight

22.?Lowers Heart Attack Risk

23.?Smooth out your wrinkles

24.?Increase Intimacy and
Improve Your Relationship

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