A national leader of the All Progressives Congress,
Senator Bola Tinubu, has cautioned Nigerians against
wishing him dead.
The former Lagos State governor stated on Thursday that
there was no truth whatsoever in the speculation making
the rounds that he was flown to London for medical
Insisting that he was hale and hearty, Tinubu explained
that he travelled to the United Kingdom with his close
family members for a vacation as against the rumour that
he was lying critically ill in a London hospital.
The social media had been awash with stories of various
life-threatening ailments which Tinubu was reportedly
battling with. Many were already wishing him speeding
But Tinubu’s media aide, Sunday Dare, in a statement
posted on Facebook described as “idle charter” his report
of ill-health, adding that the APC leader was in great
According to Dare, his principal is not only in “great
health” but also, on a “brief well deserved vacation” with
his family members.
Urging Nigerians to discountenance the rumours of
Tinubu’s ill-health, he added that any contrary news is
patently false and malicious.
He said, “I find the idle charter on some online sites about
the alleged ill health of Asiwaju BolaTinubu amusing.
That some idle minds have continued to perpetuate this
absolute falsehood to the point of the ridiculous is
“They (rumour mongers) deserve our prayers for wishing
what is not on someone else. For the records, Tinubu is in
great shape and his associates who see him and speak with
him know this. I have been with him in the past three
weeks and only returned to Nigeria on some assignments.”
Tinubu’s media advisor stated that the APC national
leader had also taken advantage of his London visit to
propagate the ideals and mission of the opposition party.
“He is in London helping APC spread the word about its
mission of change. He returns to the country soon and
those that wish him dead will be put to shame,” he added.
On a Twitter handle credited to Tinubu, the former APC
leader expressed concerns over the expansionist drive of
the Boko Haram insurgent group.
Tinubu warned that the seizure of towns and communities
in the North Eastern states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe
States must not be allowed to continue.
“From Borno to Adamawa, Nigeria’s descent into war
unfolds. Yet an irresponsible government continues to
look for scapegoats instead of doing something.
“The festering Boko Haram attacks on the North East and
massacre of innocent citizens is a concrete proof that
Nigeria has no government,” Tinubu added.
Meanwhile, the first African-American to earn a Ph.D. in
Applied Economics from Clemson University, United
States, Gloria Bromell-Tinubu, has signalled her interest to
run for a seat in the American Congress on the platform of
the Democratic Party.
Bromell-Tinubu, who is seeking to represent South
Carolina’s 7th Congressional District at the American
Congress, has already made history by being the first
African-American woman in South Carolina to win the
Democratic party’s nomination for the seat.
Writing on Twitter, the 61-year-old lamented that South
Carolina had not had a woman elected to Congress in the
last 20 years and urged her constituents to change the
status quo by giving her their mandate.
The economist promised her constituents that she would
fight for social and economic justice for the working class
in South Carolina and beyond.
According to Bromell-Tinubu, the work of unions and the
labour movement in championing for justice and fairness
must be honoured and recognized adding that her first
assignment as a congresswoman would be to urge
Congress to raise wages.
Writing on her website, gloria2014.com, she added, “I
envision a 7th District where our citizens are healthy and
people have good-paying jobs and thriving businesses
that allow all citizens to take care of themselves and their
families. While many are working hard to make ends meet,
most people don’t have money to save and invest in a
better future for the next generation.
“People are just getting by.There needs to be a bridge: a
way for people to get from where they are–full of drive,
promise and potential–to where we all know they can be.
This is the American dream. As your congresswoman, I will
fight to protect and promote an agenda that improves your
“In order to get people through these tough times, we have
to create a country where people can thrive because they
are able to create wealth for themselves by investing in
things like education, business, and a home.”