Tyler, The Creator – Scum Fuck Flower Boy Album (Zip Download)

Tyler, The Creator – Scum Fuck Flower Boy Album (Zip Download)

Last week, Tyler, The Creator dropped two new songs—“Who Dat Boy” featuring ASAP Rocky and “911/Mr. Lonely” featuring Frank Ocean. Now, Tyler’s made an even bigger announcement: his new album Scum Fuck Flower Boy drops July 21.

The project will feature the above-mentioned singles. Along with the announcement, Tyler shared the official covered art, which he
designed, and an alternate cover by visual artist Eric White.

Besides Frank and Rocky, no features for the album have been officially revealed yet. However, Pitchfork points out the ne album also features contributions from Lil Wayne and Estelle, according to iTunes credits. Frank is credited on “Where This Flower Blooms,” while Lil Wayne is listed on “Dropping Seeds” and Estelle is on “Garden Shred.” Tyler, The Creator’s Scum Fuck Flower Boy Tracklist

Side 1:
1. “Foreword”
2. “Where This Flower Blooms”
3. “Sometimes…”
4. “See You Again”
5. “Who Dat Boy?”
6. “Pothole”
7. “Garden Shed”

Side 2:
8. “Boredom”
9. “I Ain’t Got Time!”
10. “911/Mr. Lonely”
11. “Dropping Seeds”
12. “November”
13. “Glitter”
14. “Enjoy Right Now Today”

Tyler, The Creator’s Self-Made Scum Fuck Flower Boy Cover Artwork