DOWNLOAD Video : TB Joshua Predicted The AirAsia Missing Plane Earlier

“I have a message for the nation, Indonesia. When it comes to this disaster issue, I don’t want to mention it. it looks so nasty to me to mention – a situation where it will cost a lot of lives, suddenly,” he said

“This is a crash. Why should this continue to happen there?” Joshua goes on to point to a problem in the ‘geographical atmosphere’, calling on the relevant authorities to ‘look into it’.

Early in the morning on Sunday 28th December 2014, an AirAsia passenger jet carrying 162 people lost contact with Indonesian air traffic control. The plane went missing after pilots asked to change course to avoid bad weather during a flight from Indonesia’s Surabaya city to Singapore. On board were 155 Indonesians, three South Koreans and one each from Singapore, Malaysia and Britain, plus a French pilot.

At the end of the YouTube clip, he wrote “We pray that God would strengthen the friends and family members of all those involved in this tragic incident,”

T.B. Joshua also prophesied two other major plane-related incidents this year, namely the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 and the shooting down of Flight MH17 on the border of Ukraine and Russia.