The new 100Naira note got us excited, especially with the bar code technology which redirects us to the ‘N100′ note website. However there’s still a loop-hole which is yet to be noticed by the majority.

Going through the numerous photos on the ‘N100′ web page after scanning the bar code, football lovers would be familiar with an aerial photo of the famous “Allianz Arena” stadium in Munich, Germany, “Allianz Arena” stadium is used to replace the Akwa Ibom Stadium, Uyo on the website. This is a FOUL!

See Photos Below;


Allianz Arena (Germany) As on N100 websiteAllianz Arena (Germany) As on N100 websiteAkwa Ibom Stadium (Nigeria) As omitted on N100 WebsiteAkwa Ibom Stadium (Nigeria) As omitted on N100 Website
“Allianz Arena” stadium in Munich, Germany is being pictured on the N100 note website as an achievement of Nigerian Government, showcasing Nigeria of Today.



4Akwa Ibom Stadium (Nigeria) As omitted on N100 Website

Check the closer view of Allianz Arena Stadium;



This misinformation is highly unintelligent and embarrassing. We hope it gets fixed soon.